Thursday, February 08, 2007

Strange Love

Two sex "scandals" came up with this week and the media did especially well placing blame and blowing things out of proportion, so I thought I'd comment.

1. Gavin Newsom has an affair with his campaign manager's wife
The mayor of San Francisco, of whom I am a fan, it turns out is a bit of a birddog. He had an affair with his campaign manager, and friend's, wife which caused the cuckolded man to resign his post. The next day, the Mr. Newsom admitted to the affair and asked the citizens of San Francisco to forgive him.
Oh wait, not so fast KORB!, there's a lot more to this story. Did you know the mayor drinks? Did you know the mayor likes to bang chicks? Did you know that now Gavin's political career is dead?
Now the mayor is going into rehab, paying the dude off, and damage controlling for his reelection bid next year.
This story is not that big a deal.
Is it cool he screwed his buddy over? No.
Is it my business? No.
Does his drinking interfere with this governing? Not that I can tell. I think Gavin is a real smart dude who's done some really good., progressive things since he's been in office (even though he;'s a Democrat), and if he wants to roll up into the Marina on a Friday and down some martinis, what's it to me? or to you KRON4?
And with the election over a year away, i think we can hold off on the speculation about his bid for a second term until we get a little closer so let's stop it with the speculation KPIX.
And when it comes to the ladies, here's the thing. This guy is single, so sow the oats dude. More power to you. And as far as being afraid of introducing the mayor to my wife, she has a pass with him, cause there's a good chance he will be at least Governor if not President.
Here's a picture of me and Gavin Newsom.

2. Astronaut Stalks woman in Space Love Triangle.
A woman, who's profession is astronaut, went a little crazy over a dude and tracked down a woman she though he was involved with, with perhaps the intention of killing her.
This is bad. She is bad. She went crazy. She need to be in jail. She is? Good.
End of story.
Oh no, tell me channel 2, is NASA doing anything to make sure crazy people don't become astronauts?
Why is this NASA's fault?
Do we really think a whack job can go into space?
Has anyone ever been in love? Did it make you crazy? Of course.
Has anyone ever snapped under pressure?
Is the USPS responsible for every postal worker that lost his stuff?
Stop this angle of the story. Stop making NASA waste more money, reevaluating its screening processes.
She was into a dude, she got a little nutty over him, she went to far. NASA didn't train her to do this, wearing diapers to avoid going to the bathroom on a long drive is an idea college kids have, so let it go.
She's been suspended. She's never going into space again. And if she did, would it hurt any of us?
Just the facts please guys.
There's enough going on that you don't have to make the news yourselves.


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