Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Why is it that we, as Americans, feel compelled to buy the records of people immediately after they die?
With Jacko stopping, because he got enough (not mine, but i wish it was) last week, the Billboard charts are once again being dominated by the King of Pop, for the first time in decades.
It's like when John Lennon was killed, and the horrible Double Fantasy went from selling 15,000 to going platinum in a week and Nevermind getting back on the charts when Kurt Cobain killed himself.
Now that the guy is dead, you gotta have the music, and you gotta have it now.
You didn't have it last week.
You aren't going to listen to it next week.
Is it to pile on?
So you have something to talk around the watercooler?
Because you're a boring ghoul?
I would like to know, and so would the man in the mirror.


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