Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Is Sam Jackson still cool?...Really?

So i went to see Ironman last night at the Arclight.
At this theater, they have a dude come out and introduce the film and he says, "Stick around after the credits for a special surprise."
So the movie plays and its totally awesome, Downey Jr. is awesome, the effects are awesome, the music and editing are awesome, I'm very pleased.
So we decide to stay through the credits for the surprise and ***spoiler alert*** Tony Stark come into his house and a mysterious figure is in his room. The figure speaks in that obvious bored Sam Jackson tone and I think to myself, shit, Mace Windou is going to challenge Tony Stark to a fight so all the nerds flip out.
Well, it turns out hes not his Star Wars character but he's Nick Fury from S.H.I.E.L.D. and wants to talk about the Avengers.
So now I'm torn.
An Avengers set up for Iron Man 2. Awesome. Love the Avengers. Loved the Iron Man movie. Great.
Of course the bad part, Sam Jackson's gonna be all over that flick.
I remember when he became cool, after Pulp Fiction, a long time ago.
He hasn't been good since. An obvious case of Sigorney Weaver disease.
I ask my wife, " Why, why Sam Jackson? Why do they have to ruin it with him?"
She replies, "I don't know. Cool factor?"
And she's right. For some reason people still think he's cool.
Witness the MTV Awards and the Spike awards and how he's in every goddamn movie playing that same bored, I guess cool guy, with the crazed stare and the wily saunter.
I'm tired of it.
Please Jon Favreau, please Stan Lee, lets go with someone else, please.
Its been done before, Harrsion Ford took over for Alec Baldwin in those Tom Clancy movies, all the Batmans, there precedence.
For me.


Blogger Tano Sokolow said...

Agreed. Totally. He's exactly the same every time, except perhaps as Mace Windu, where he glared even more and emoted even less.

12:24 PM  

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