Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tie it Up, Tie it Down

First thing.
If you walk a dog in the city, put it on a leash. I know that the dogs need to run free and all that, but in the city there are these weird things called cars. Your dog is walking along, la la la, and something sets it off, another dog, a loud noise, and it runs out into traffic and people can't always stop. Then you poor dog might not make it. Why take the risk. Put it on a leash from the get go and then it doesn't know any better and it'll stay safe.
Isn't alive on a leash better than untethered in heaven?
Second thing.
Why is every traffic report filled with details of couches and Sheetrock and sinks falling off of trucks and cars and blocking lanes? Secure your crap people. If you're going through all the trouble of loading it into the bed or on top the roof of your vehicle, take a minute and make sure its on there real good so you don't have to dodge traffic and get it out of the street.
This is a society people and we all have to live in it. Why not make it a little easier on one another?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The City of Ridiculous Ballot Measures

Proposition J form the November 7, 2006 San Francisco ballot:
"Shall it be City policy to call for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney?"
The results?
Pass: Yes: 92,136 / 59.35% ...... No: 63,100 / 40.65%
Super Awesome.

In the tradition of every voting day I've had here in San Francisco, a wasteful silly ballot measure appears that the voters of the must be liberal town eat up and approve without any thought of ramifications.
Case in point. Prop J.
This week all of the local news stations had a series of reports on how "The San Francisco Values" were under attack-see the story from channel 5's website.
Everyone up in arms about how the rest of the country talks down to the way the bay area thinks.
Makes fun of San Francisco.
Mocks us.
Way to change that everybody.
Nice one.
The passage of (forget that it even exists) Prop J will certainly change the rest of the countries opinion of us.
Let's look back on some of the other good ones.
Another version of prop J has actually appeared before, winning big.
In the spring, the voters passed a measure to ban having a handgun in the city.
Does the Bill of Rights not apply here?
Surprise, surprise, this one is in the courts.
One of the first I can remember asked if the city should prevent banks from collected ATM fees for using their machines.
Big win on this one...big lawsuit too.
Weird how the city can't regulate capitalism. Don't use the ATM dumbdumb.
So many measures to regulate big box stores, chain shops, save mom and pop stores. Can I get some Arby's please?
In the long run, I think San Francisco deserves a new nickname, like New York being "The City that Never Sleeps."
How about the title of this post or the "City of Pompous Asses"?