Monday, September 10, 2007

Hello L.A.

So we just moved to Los Angeles, where the sun shines, the people are friendly and gas is a little cheaper. There is one thing I've noticed though which may drive me over the edge.
The local news here is even more infuriating that it was in San Francisco.
No I haven't seen any LA Area reactions to every story, which is nice, and there's no Gary Radnich but...
The entertainment reports go one for ever here, and it isn't like deals or insider stuff, it is all form the land of Access Hollywood and the like.
Endless reports on Britney at the VMA's and Celebrity Breakups and lead stories about the Phil Spector trial, which I had forgotten was even going on. Yes, daily updates from the Phil Spector trial at the top of the newscast when the story is, testimony resumed...
Also, the All News radio station here is filled with anchors who are "outraged" over nearly every story when they are interviewing people familiar with the story. Hey guys, save the opinions and let the man talk, of course you think its horrible the Air Force flew some nukes over the country, no need to spend time telling me about it.
Overall, I think the move down here will be a good one and I will have a lot of fun, there's just a lot more CNN Headline News in my future.