Sunday, January 28, 2007

...And Eddie Murphy

Now that for the 6th, 7th(?) time Eddie Murphy believes he is the only person who can be funny in a movie and insists on playing all the funny parts, we as a nation have got to come to a collective realization.
It's not funny to bill it or talk about it being "Starring Eddie Murphy and (wait for it) Eddie Murphy" It is no longer unique or new or humorous at all.
Billy Bush I'm talking to you.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

American Idol

I'm gonna say this once.
To all the news shows, tabloid programs, radio hosts, and everyone else who discusses this, listen to me.
There is no deep sociological reason why people are willing to humiliate themselves on TV by trying out for idol. Yes some of them are delusional and think they are great, but they are also included in this statement.
Ready for the big reason?
They want to be on TV. They think that being on TV will make them famous.
That's it.
No duh.
The discussion ends now.