Friday, October 05, 2007

A Message to Retailers

Tuesday is a great day.
It's the day all the new release CDs and DVDs come out.
Most Tuesdays I make a trip to Circuit City to buy said the aforementioned CDs and DVDs that interest me that I have seen in the Sunday circular available to everyone on the internet.
But there's a problem...
A big one...
One that caused me to stop going to Best Buy (of course this was in conjunction with other problems at Best Buy including the crap ass staff and management)...
For some reason, they never have all of the new release product out on the floor and no one who works there seems to know where it is.
I can understand if it was some obscure title that wasn't advertised, but if it is in the circular, you gotta get that shit on the floor by opening time.
Last Tuesday, I wanted the latest Entourage series DVD and I went in the store at 6:30 PM. That's 8 1/2 hours after they opened by the way, and it wasn't on the floor. The fourth person I asked about it finally got it to me but I was on the precipice of banning Circuit City for the offense.
When I worked at Tower Records (ahh, good times), we spent Monday night after closing putting out all the new releases on the shelf so they would be there when the kids came in in the morning. This is how it should be, but if not, do it first thing, so noon is the latest they should be out.
And I don't want the "They didn't come in until today excuse" This is not valid. I know it does happen, but I also know the boxes that new release product is in is marked with big stickers and i know the receiving clerk knows this and can get those in first so you can then quickly get them to the shelves.
It one of those things that if this continues, amazon is only a click away and it just comes to my house with no hassles.
This might be one more reason Circuit City is in the toilet and close to closing. Forget all the other market analysis and corporate mumbo jumbo, GET YOUR PRODUCT ON THE FLOOR AND THEN I CAN BUY IT!
And put it in a place I can find it too, like a rack at the front of the store marked "This Weeks New Releases".
Thanks and I'll see you on Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stop with the Britney Already

That's how many reports I heard about Britney Spears in the amount of minutes it took me to get home last night.
6 reports about Britney Spears losing her kids in a twenty-five minute span on the Access Hollywood channel? The Insider Channel? No, the AM all-news radio channel.
No idea what's going on in Iraq or Afghanistan, only one report about stocks reaching their all-time high, no information on how safe or not safe my new community is.
Thanks guys.
I know I've said this before, but why is everyone still wondering why people aren't paying attention to current events or getting their news from traditional sources.
Is it because the radio waves are saturated with this crap that means nothing to me? It's fine, report it once, but I don't need to hear any analysts talking about what this means for Britney or what her friends think about it.
Really, can you tell me something that might actually affect my life or help me know more about the "real" world going on around me?
I also don't care if she is wearing underwear or not or what kind of water she drank after the VMA's.
For once I agree with Kanye West....except for the whole buy "Graduation" thing. That's stupid too.