Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Critical Ass

The "peaceful" protesters of San Francisco have done it again.
On the last Friday of every month, thousands of bike riders clog the streets of the city in an attempt to raise awareness of bike riding and riders.
Its a nice idea.
I don't ride a bike in San Francisco but its gotta suck, what withe the narrow streets and the congested traffic and the drivers on the cell phones in the SUVs. And whatever your views are on environment stuff, bike riding certainly do not contribute to the pollutants in the air.
Number one.
I'll never understand the pissing people off to make them sympathetic to your cause method of protesting.
These guys get on their bikes in a giant pack and jam downtown during rush hour, disregarding all the the rules of the road. So now I hate you cause I can't get to the bar and you just ran that stop sign. This is an all the time pet peeve of mine with the bicycles since they are supposed to obey traffic rules but I don't know how many times a bike runs a stop sign when its my turn to go and I get flipped off,but I digress.
And now this.
During the last critical mass, some tourists got caught up in the the gang of bikers, and had their car smashed while their children wailed by some of the cyclists. Read the article here for all the info.
Come now folks.
Is this the way to get your cause noticed?
Is violence the answer for those of you who are "Biking against Oil Wars"?
I know its just a few of the thousands who participated in this assault, but its indicative of the mentality of a lot of San Francisco protesters.
"I'm right and you're not. Everything I do to support my cause, legal or not, at the expense of whoever stands in my way is valid and just." Its also bullshit.
I now have even less respect for this event and this issue.
And that's too bad. Because I was somewhat sympathetic before.
What does that mean in the grand scheme of things, losing my support?
But what about the hundreds of others who changed their minds like me?
Keep it up kids.
And bury your cause a little deeper.
And for the love of god put a reflector on that Schwinn.