Monday, July 31, 2006

25 Years of MTV

It being the 25th anniversary of the MTV, I made a list of 10 things that make me thankful there is such a thing.

10. AL TV
9. The Pauly Shore Lisa Movie
8. The Stud Boy
7. Beavis and Butthead
6. The Ed Lover Dance
5. VJ Kennedy
4. Jackass
3. The State
2. Santa Slam Dance Promo
1. The Young Ones

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Summer Reality Predictions

I know its a little late, but these are all legit...

Project Runway-Jeffrey
Anyone who would go and get a ridiculous tattoo on their neck right before being on a show deserves to win

The Contender-K9
That's my dog

Rockstar: Supernova-The Australian guy
I don't really care but that is who I pick. An honorable mention goes to Storm here because she used to be in one of the best-named bands ever, Storm and her Dirty Mouth

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth Part 2

Please, please, for the love of god....
Could you please stop sending me emails detailing how watching the Al Gore movie will be the most important life changing event of my life.
I get it, the earths temperature is changing.
I get it, Al Gore doesn't like it.
I get it, there are some ideas on how to theoretically stop this warming in the movie.
I don't care. I have been hearing about this global warming forever. I haven't been offered any scientific proof to this point that it isn't conditioned to a natural cycle the earth goes through, anyone remember studying about the Ice Ages in science class growing up? I don't know even if they were that it's going to stop Earl in Kentucky from burning his leaves every fall, and I'm for damn sure that it wont stop everyone who has exclaimed how I must see this film form driving their cars. Didn't they say anything about that in there or is it just evil corporations destroying the earth?
Love the earth, love to be alive, love future generations, hate having stuff rammed down my throat because its fits nicely into the idea of a liberal utopian society where everyone thinks good thoughts and it be done.
So please, go and see "An Inconvenient Truth". Enjoy it. Have some Tootsie Rolls. And keep it to yourself.
Especially when the movie came out 2 months ago and you're just getting to it now.

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Golden Ticket

Of course, I have been watching the coverage of the problems in the Middle East.
Of course, there are douchebags involved.
The first day that the government started getting people out of Lebanon, there were some interviews with some of the folks being taken out. One woman, this is the first group out mind you, explained:
"I feel like I got the golden ticket. Really I feel guilty. I don't know why I get to get out when all of these poor people don't have the opportunity. It seems like I shouldn't go."
All of your friends at home, I'm sure here in the Bay Area, will be very proud of you for making such a sacrifice of saying maybe you should give up your seat. You were very noble, very articulate, and oh so liberal and self-righteous.
One problem. You got on the boat.
You could have won the liberal contest had you given up your place, unfortunately...
Next time, shut up, get on the boat, and thank your lucky stars that marine is there watching your ass and making sure you get out okay.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

You Too Skinny...Why You No Eat?

I can sympathize with all the folks who don't like the war in Iraq. I can't say I was behind it when America went in but we did. Saddam Hussein is out, there's the possibility of a democratic government if the zealots can get their shit together, and maybe sometime soon, the country will see peace.
However, there are reasons why we are there. Were they legitimate maybe, maybe not. But we're there now and there are things that need to be done before we can get out.
If George Bush left office today, we would still be in Iraq.
If John Kerry had been elected, we would still be in Iraq.
living in San Francisco, it easy to see the majority opinion on this subject. Most of the kids want us out. Fair enough.
There is always a contest in this city to see who can be the most liberal and self-righteous. I believe today I found the winner.
Some girl and her pals are having a hunger strike in front of Congresswoman Diane Feinstein's office. If you don't know Diane, she is a Democrat to the bone, hates the President, rabble rouses with the best of 'em , was in the office between George Moscone and Harvey Milk when they were killed, can change the world with her smile, blah, blah, blah.
So my question is, what mind are you hungry people going to change down there. I believe Ms. Feinstein is against the war, has tried her darndest to get the US out, and gets voted down every time. So why hassle her?
Maybe you go to some Congressman who's on the fence her and try to faze them with your emaciated faces and distended bellies or even better, why don't you track down crazy Cindy Sheehan and hang with her for a while.
There is a constant preaching to the choir mentality her in San Francisco. You got most of the citizenry in your pocket there kids. This illogical protest will surprisingly do nothing.
Go get a Big Mac.