Friday, February 10, 2006

Congratulations to ME!

my website,, has been censored by a Christian college in Southern California, due to its tastelessness.
now i need everyone to get organizized, beat your feet to socal, and protest this unamerican practice!
or just go on about your daily business cause its not really that important.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

President Bush hates Kanye West

And so do I.
Kanye West is, if you don't know, another in the long line of producers who have turned the microphone on themselves and for some reason won the hearts and mind of the country. One of the main reasons this makes me mad is the fact that the man can't rap. Yes, that's right. Kanye west makes P Diddy, the forefather of this insidious trend, and another dude who got no flow, sound like LL Cool J. He makes Lil Jon sound like Chuck D. He makes me sound like Rakim.
Now I think Gold Digger, off this guys newest record, is a good song, but if only someone, anyone else had recorded it, it would have won pop song of the year for me and would probably have cracked the top 20 greatest of all time, but instead, I sometimes turn it off after just a few mush mouthed lines.
Next lets talk about Kanye freestyling on the Barbara Walters special. Never a more embarrassing, uncool, stumblefest have I ever seen.
"Yo, yo , yo you Barbara Walters--pause--never falters---(I got nothing) some of the lines from Jesus Walks--pause pause... I had to turn it off.
Now, the important work Kanye is doing for the black community by pushing his no college agenda. Kanye did not finish college and has one on to use this a bragging right, calling his albums, Late Registration and College Dropout. I have also heard him speak again and again on the topic. Congratulations Mr. West on having reached such success without the "crutch" of college. Not everyone will get as lucky though and damn if you talk one kid out of college who could go and learn and become productive and they don't......
What else...oh right, the grammy speech. Stop it man. There is a huge difference between swagger and assholeedness and my friend...leaning towards asshole. Start with the preinterviews where not one ounce of humility or sportsmanship was given. "I will win. No doubt." is the gist of what the man said. Granted he did win, and blast the voters cause then I had to sit through the worst speech, preceded by the worst joke with the worst timing.
I know there's more, but I'm starting to get angry.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Best Protest...EVER!

Well, as if I needed more proof that the protest has become completely irrelevant as a tool for social or political change, San Francisco does it again. In the city where they'll stop the war in Iraq by blocking rush hour traffic and smashing the windows of the Gap, and have elementary school students stay home from school to protest school closures, a new low was reached yesterday to protest their favorite target, president Bush.
In the most third-grade move I've seen in some time, the geniuses who organized this one got a big screen monitor in Union Square downtown, that broadcast the State of the Union address, but in a big twist...WITHOUT SOUND! And all the protesters made noise and beat drums and talked loud and didn't pay attention to the President during the speech. That's right, the old silent treatment. Holy Cow, I have to guess that the President is really reeling from this one, especially since, he couldn't hear them anyway.
Then to top it off, they toppled a statue of Bush to mock the toppling of the statue of Saddam Hussein in Iraq a few years ago. This part wasn't all that bad idea, but as an exclamation mark on the stupidest protest I've ever had my tax dollars for police presence wasted on, it takes it to a sillier level.
Keep it up kids, if this is all you got, the Republican agenda will keep chugging forth, gaining members embarrassed to be associated with you.