Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kenfrucky Fried Fricken

So the big news yesterday is that KFC will stop using transfat in its products.
don't care.
but here's the shocker charges that some have levied against the chicken restaurant in making this announcement:
are you ready?
it is shocking....
"they are just doing it to make money!"
of course idiots they are doing it to make money cause for whatever reason, people want their KFC to be healthy and are willing to sue over it. So to make sure that the trendy folks will stay in the seats and the lawyers will get off their backs, they switched the oil.
you guys won. What are you still crying about?
KFC and its parent companies ARE NOT EVIL!
Its just like when McDonald's stopped using Styrofoam.
You won.
Be happy.
Although I really don't understand why the healthy people are worried about what is going on at the KFC and the Wendys. I thought that your self-righteousness gene would cause them to explode if they walked through the door of the dumb mans lunchroom.
Well congratulations. We'll see how the chicken tastes and determine if its one more thing y'all have ruined in your quest for moral domination.
Now go get yourselves some soy taters.

And now a related joke told by the great Neil Hamburger:
"Why does Kentucky Fried Chicken come in a bucket?"
"So you have something to throw up in when you're done eating it."

Thursday, October 19, 2006

KORB! Wins

Because the tattoo neck guy wins the Runway.
Congratulations to me for being so smart.

A little late but for reals....
America's Next Top Model pick: Anchail
Amazing Race pick: The Cho brothers.

to the bank motherfathers...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


So tell me...
Is it a requirement if you buy one of the Mini Cooper cars to get a vanity plate with the word mini in it?
If so, what is the penalty for not getting said plate?
If it's not required, then just why?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

And the winners are...

Well, I did it. I finally found a woman willing to put up with my crap for life so I made her walk down the aisle and now we are hitched. To those of you who attended the ceremony and everything around it, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking part.
I now announce the winners from each day of the four day event.

Wednesday September 13.
Jason Titus.
He showed up at the Hogs and Heffers straight off the plane, bags in hand. That's hard for ya.

Thursday September 14.
Jeff Nickerson
You know you're a tough guy when you wear tear away pants in public. Even tougher when you rip them off in the middle of a casino.

Friday September 15.
The entire KORB! family
Custom made t-shirts to the meet and greet. And each one was different. That's they way to get attention and fire up the kids.

Saturday September 16.
Mark Devito.
Not only did he have a dance off with a 3 year old kid, but he came up with and then ran away with the no pants dash.

Congratulations. And remember everyone who came is a winner in my book.
Now go to bed.