Friday, June 08, 2007

Thanks for the Heads up, Jackass

A fun new trend.
I was looking at the paper today and there was a review for the new film "Paprika", a R-rated anime feature. It was a good review of a seemingly good film but there's this thing film reviewers seem compelled to do which is really starting to get me.
I don't know if its their editors, the MPAA, some watchdog group that has forced this but please...
No shit.
It's rated R.
Where was my tip off?
The worst offender of this to this point was every review for the very good movie "Pan's Labyrinth".
Once again, this movie was rated R.
But somewhere along the line, the filmmaker described it as a fairy tale, which was of course repeated by every reviewer.
Are Americans really so stupid that when the clips of the monsters and war and the big rated R are cancelled out by the words fairy tale or animated?
Are we so irresponsible I need to be kicked in the face over and over again by overprotective members of the media to make sure I don't poison the mind of my child by taking them to see such wonderful yet despicable films?
I think we get it.
Stop trying to save the children.
And get me some popcorn.